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A Career with Hair We Are: What makes us different?

We are an award winning salon who assists each other for the utmost success and growth of our team and salon. We pride ourselves on our endless amount of knowledge and experience, which make all things possible when we work together. Our passion, loyalty and commitment to our salon, our clients, and to each other are all reasons we have been a success in this industry for over 25 years.

Hair We Are is continually looking for new talent. We are a salon that offers a very competitive (55%-60%) commission based compensation plan as well as a commission scale on product sales. We focus on personal and professional growth through in-salon training and continuing education. Hair We Are also maintains a strong internal and external marketing/ advertising plan designed for the success of the team as well as the individual. If you are interested in a career with personal growth as a stylist, please send your resume with your photo to